Internal tolerances for warranty


– There should be no sharp differences of more than 4mm in any 300mm flatness of wall

– Floors  up to 6m across can be a max of 4mm out of level per metre and a maximum of 25mm out for larger spans.

– Fracturing occurs when screeded floors are drying out and due to this shrinkages can occur, but this is normal.

– The door frame should not be distorted when opening and max 10mm out of plumb over the height of the frame. Inspectors should be checking this.

– The gap between the underside ofa n internal door and unfinished floor should be min 5mm and max  22mm

– The gap between the door and the head of jamb should be max 5mm, fire doors may be different.

–  For square reveals 200mm deep the deviation should be no more than 8mm.


Check book for more details on tolerances


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