A strange and picturesque destination which has now been made a UNESCO World Heritage site. The white-washed conical-roofed houses of the area stand out in emphatic fashion and its definitely worth a visit. The small dwellings in the area are known as trullo’s which are made from local limestone, with dry-stone walls and a characteristic conical roof. The buildings are usually square and have very thick stone walls constructed without mortar. The thickness strengthens the structure and adds to the thermal efficiency. Inside there is a central room with additional living spaces in arched alcoves. The outside is whitewashed and the rooms have become a specified feature for the town as they are often decorated with fanciful symbols. There is a lot to do in the town and it is increasingly becoming a popular tourist attraction. It’s nice to see that there are towns which have maintained their historical significance and showcased in with the architecture within it. Makes a change from the traditional buildings seen in the UK, as character is usually amiss with the building process as profit making persists.


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